A Loom With A View – Tweed Woven in the Sussex Countryside to Make the Finest Headwear

“We couldn’t find hats we liked, so we thought ‘Why not make our own?’,” says Sussex Tweed founder Jonathan Kelly back in 2014. And seven years later, Jonathan’s company is successfully producing a range of quality headwear with their own hand-woven Sussex Tweed – made by Jonathan himself on two looms in his weaving shed overlooking the beautiful Sussex countryside – at its heart.  “Tweed is the most quintessentially British fabric, but we’re bringing it into the 21st century,” Kelly adds.

There are currently seven different cap styles in the carefully-curated range, including Limited Edition designs in tweed and linen, plus hats for women and children and accessories including the most stylish face-masks you can buy.

From the very beginning, the Sussex Tweed ethos has been to make their hats completely British, and keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. “Everything is sourced in the UK and is made entirely here, and is a pattern that is set to intensify,” says Kelly “We know the lure of cheap products, but think about how they’re made, think how badly they’re made, think of the conditions for the workers, and think how much effort and carbon is wasted so you can throw it in the bin after a couple of wears. It’s bonkers! You buy cheap, you buy twice: you buy well, you buy once.”

Sussex Tweed also works with local creators on their hats; acclaimed Sussex-based designer Geoff Stocker has created an exclusive patterned silk lining for caps in the linen range. The company are the only UK capmaker to use leather sweatbands in their construction, meaning a better-fitting and more comfortable hat that’s made to last, and to be forever stylish.

More information contact:
Jonathan Kelly, Sussex Tweed – info@sussextweed.co.uk
Tel: 07944 786017

Website: www.sussextweed.co.uk
Instagram: @sussextweed
Twitter: @sussextweed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sussextweed

A Loom With A View – Tweed Woven in the Sussex Countryside to Make the Finest Headwear

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