Carrington Arms Serves Up a Feast of Game

Chef Bob Whiteley has put Leicestershire pub The Carrington Arms in Ashby Folville firmly on the game map this season. He spoke to editor Chandos Elletson about the opportunities game brings at this time of year. 

“It would be fair to say that the clientele of the pub is changing,” Bob began. “And all that is down to game. I love it and our customers are loving it, too. The Carrington Arms is not far from Melton Mowbray and is surrounded by gamekeepers, farmers and orchards. We get rabbits, ducks, muntjac and fallow deer as well as locally-sourced pheasants and pigeon.

“I do all the butchering myself. At the moment the dish that’s flying out is a pan-fried pigeon breast starter that we serve with an apple rosti, a rocket salad and a cider dressing. The cider comes from a local press just up the road.

“I’ve been a chef for 42 years and cooked all over the place but I have to say I’m in my element here. I’m doing venison burgers, Rutland trout, game pie, three bird roasts and even a venison liver paté.

“It’s all been about the community. Our regulars and friends continually bring us their produce like green beans and pumpkins and this helps us to create a menu that’s as much about them as it is us.”

The next edition of The Great Game Guide is currently in the works. If you have any favourite game restaurants or pubs – let us know! We will be making the next edition the most comprehensive guide to game ever.

Carrington Arms Serves Up a Feast of Game

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