Lisa Goodwin-Allen

“Finally an objective guide, focusing on game which genuinely lists our restaurants on our professional merit and ratio of game against other dishes on the menu and not for any commercial reason.”

Galton Blackiston

“I have a shotgun licence and have been shooting for twenty years. Game forms a significant part of our menu from the 12th August until the end of January. I am delighted that The Chefs’ Forum are championing game meat and where best to eat it. The provenance, seasonality have always played a huge part […]

Cyrus Todiwala

“We are so lucky to have such a wealth of top chefs and excellent restaurants in the UK, The Great Game Guide will give them the credit they deserve for creativity in cooking with game meat.”

Glynn Purnell

“I love game. The menus throughout the game season write themselves. Or do they? When cooking game, a lot of cooks and chefs will always turn to the classic and traditional methods of preparing and serving. The likes of venison with Grand Veneur sauce, mallard with orange, and pheasant or partridge served with game crisps […]