Why I Serve Grouse and What it Means

Grouse is an acquired taste. Not every customer will order it and not every chef likes it. Price can be an issue and so can the subject of how long to hang it. Tastes have certainly changed and most modern chefs like to prepare it young. The old days of long hanging to develop a […]

Transporting Your Gun Dogs Safely and Securely from A to B is Easier than Ever

With the shooting season closed again until August, it’s time to think about next season and we’ve been looking into the problem of transporting dogs safely and securely. Getting your dogs into and out of the car is just the start of the journey. What you don’t want is dogs climbing everywhere and making a […]

Game Larders, Venison Butchery and Gun Dogs at Beggarbush

The Great Game Guide team couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to visit Gundog Trainer of the Year and dog whisperer celebrity-owed Gundogs, Ben Randall.  Ben now has his own Gun Dog App and it’s proving a sensational hit among gun dog owners. On arriving at his five-star training facility and luxurious boarding kennels […]

New Scotch Whisky Liqueur is the Perfect Ingredient for Christmas & Burns Night

Whisky and honey is a well-known combination but add in elderberry and the flavour profile becomes a bit more interesting. That’s what George Cairns thought, and he decided to put his money on it. Cairns  Scotch Whisky Liqueur is new and is just coming on stream but far from being a bottle destined only for […]

Finally, A Natural Approach to Delivery Packaging

If you haven’t heard of Woolcool yet, you are going to because the idea is simple and brilliant. Up and down the land restaurants, caterers, retailers, and online delivery services are using polystyrene, manmade insulation, or masses of unnecessary materials in their delivery. The ubiquitous white polystyrene box with ice packets inside has been used […]

Kitchen W8’s Playful Celebration of Game Hits the Right Note

Mark Kempson loves game. You only have to read the menu for the upcoming celebration of game and London’s Kitchen W8 in Kensington to know that. But, this year, the menu has taken a playful twist with new ideas for how to keep game fresh and exciting. The menu features four game dishes and then […]

Why its Time to Stop Cooking Grey Legged Partridge

In a world where there is an abundance of shot red-legged partridge it is time to put less pressure on the endangered grey-legged bird. There are simply not the numbers of sustainable grey-legged partridge to merit inclusion on a restaurant menu. The grey-legged partridge is a native of the UK, is a favourite of chefs […]