Kitchen W8’s Playful Celebration of Game Hits the Right Note

Mark Kempson loves game. You only have to read the menu for the upcoming celebration of game and London’s Kitchen W8 in Kensington to know that. But, this year, the menu has taken a playful twist with new ideas for how to keep game fresh and exciting. The menu features four game dishes and then […]

Why its Time to Stop Cooking Grey Legged Partridge

In a world where there is an abundance of shot red-legged partridge it is time to put less pressure on the endangered grey-legged bird. There are simply not the numbers of sustainable grey-legged partridge to merit inclusion on a restaurant menu. The grey-legged partridge is a native of the UK, is a favourite of chefs […]

A Wild Boar Opportunity

Wild boar are a hazard in the countryside. Their numbers are growing and with that has come damage to crops and the countryside in general. Boar are mainly localised around woodland with one area around The Forest of Dean and Ross on Wye in Shropshire being a cause for concern. But, as with deer, the […]

The 4 Letters That Demonstrate You Take Your Game Seriously – AGHE

Building an AGHE, an Approved Game Handling Establishment, means you can process all your game and sell it directly into the food chain. In one such example we took a close look at Shardale Game in North Yorkshire to find out how partnering with Fisher UK gave them the building, the process and the flow […]

Jesse Dunford Wood – A Summery Stew of Venison at 6 Portland Road

There are as many types of chefs as there are ingredients to cook and dishes to learn. But, throughout the history of the chef profession there are always those mavericks who have fearlessly gone in search of a style of their own. One of those is the brilliant Jesse Dunford Wood whose international training reads […]

Dominic Teague – A Game Master at Work

To be honest, when you watch Dominic Teague cook pretty much anything he’s doing will be a masterclass. In many ways his style of chef is a dying breed which is sad in the extreme. The numbers of classically French-trained British chefs are dwindling and with them are going a skill-set that will be much […]

The Game Bird – One of London’s Best-kept Game Secrets

The Stafford Hotel is an out-of-the-way gem in the London hotel scene and is situated off St James’s Street towards Green Park. You can walk to it easily from Green Park station by walking down the side of the park and through a little-known passageway that connects to St James’s Place. Once you find the […]