Buying Game Online Just Got More Tempting. Say Hello to Farmison

By Chandos Elletson, Editor Online butcher Farmison takes the provenance of its meat, poultry and game very seriously. Game birds come from selected local shoots and the venison, or deer, come from a close relationship with The National Trust at Fountains Abbey and Studley Park, both nearby to the Farmison HQ in Ripon, North Yorkshire. […]

Meet the Honeyberry – Game’s New Partner

Our trip north to Scotland for the Scottish Game Fair was a resounding success all round. We made new friends, sold a record number of guides and discovered a new paring for game that we thought was delicious. If you haven’t heard of the honeyberry, well, you heard it here first. On the Sunday of […]

Scotland Here We Come!

The Great Game Guide will be making a splash at The Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace, Perth, this weekend – 24-26th September. You can find us in the Food Hall where we’ll be promoting The Great Game Guide and also featuring on the stage on Sunday 26th at 11.30am in partnership with Woodmill Game […]

It’s Time for Partridge – And We Were There!

Partridge season started on the 1st September and we watched the season start in style at Lillycombe Estate In Somerset. Lillycombe has been voted one of the top shoots in the UK over the last few years and it soon became apparent why. The shoot started at 09:30 with the guns, guests of estate owner […]

Quo Vadis Sources 6 Grouse for Friday

Normally that wouldn’t be big news but with grouse supplies extremely limited it goes to show the lengths some chefs will go to to source young August grouse. Chef Jeremy Lee reported on Instagram that through “luck and determination” they were able to find six glorious grouse for the evening menu costing £55 per serving. […]

Glynn Purnell Cooks New Season Venison Loin

Fallow loin with carrots, cumin and pickled gooseberries. Glynn Purnell cooked up a storm for us when we visited him at Purnell’s recently. In the video he talks about his love for game and how it enables him to be bold with pairings and use his imagination – despite, he says, crying out for red […]

Shortage of Grouse Could Mean a New Glorious Twelfth – September!

The grouse season has started but few shots were fired on the Glorious twelfth of August due to a shortage of birds following a cold spring. The Glorious Twelfth is the twelfth day of August, the start of the shooting season for red grouse in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Adrian Blackmore, director of shooting […]

It’s ‘all in’ for Bristol Audi as they Headline Sponsor The Great Game Guide

Bristol Audi recognise excellence in product and customer service and that’s exactly why they are proud to sponsor The Great Game Guide. Copies of the new guide, created by the team at The Chefs’ Forum, will be placed in the glove compartment of all new Audi e-tron sales. Yesterday, (30) July, Head of Business, Steve […]