Hywel Griffith

Welsh born chef Hywel Griffith is the perfect expression of a game loving chef. He hunts and shoots and trained in kitchens that take game seriously – The Chester Grosvenor, Ynyshir & The Freemasons at Wiswell. Now he has a Michelin star at The Beach House in Oxwich on the Welsh coast. We caught up […]

Lisa Goodwin-Allen

Lisa Goodwin-Allen inherited a kitchen at Northcote Manor which already had a fondness for game and all things local. Lisa worked under the founder of Northcote, Nigel Haworth and became accustomed to working with the best ingredients that the North West has to offer. But, when it came to game this was a subject she […]

Galton Blackiston

Game is all about the seasons. Galton Blackiston, owner of Morston Hall in Norfolk, has had game on his menu for as long as he can remember. To him every type of game has a role to play and a place on his menu. “It’s all about the seasons,” he told The Great Game Guide. […]

Simon Wood

Manchester chef and restaurant owner Simon Wood (a former Masterchef winner) grew up with game and learned to love it from an early age. We asked him why game means so much to him. “My earliest memory is my grandma teaching me how to cook Rabbit Stew when I was ten,” he began. “I used […]

Stevie McLaughlin

Chef Stevie McLaughlin was the long-standing head chef at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie before the sad passing of his mentor and friend Andrew Fairlie. There was no finer or better prepared chef to take over the running and direction of the restaurant. Stevie McClaughlin embodies everything RAF stands for. We asked him why game is so […]

John Williams MBE

“My love affair with grouse didn’t start that way.” John Williams heads up the most traditional kitchen in the UK: The Ritz Hotel and its iconic restaurant that overlooks Green Park. If it’s grouse your after the minute the season starts then look no further if you want the best. John Williams likes game but […]