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The Great Game Guide Set to Launch
at The Game Fair, Ragley Hall this July!

Attention all game lovers! The Great Game Guide 2021/22, written and produced by The Chefs’ Forum, will launch at The Game Fair on 23rd July at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire.

The new guide, edited by Chandos Elletson, contains a list of 100 top game restaurants, pubs and hotels as well as interviews with game-loving chefs and experts. Further sections reveal where to buy game and what happens on a shoot or stalk.

The Game Fair, held between 23rd July and 25th July at Ragley Hall is billed as a festival of the countryside and The Chefs’ Forum will be there with a dedicated stand to host chef demos and welcome visitors.

Chef Graham Garrett, from The West House in Kent, will be joining in the festivities at The Chefs’ Forum stand and he said:

“We should be eating more game because everyone talks about sustainability, but this is the most healthy meat there is.  Venison is perhaps the healthiest red meat there is. It’ ethical and  sustainable.

“Everyone wants to know where their meat is from and there is nothing more honest and traceable than game meat.  We should be eating wild food, as opposed to intensively farmed meat full of antibiotics and chemicals.”

Chefs’ Forum Director Catherine Farinha and Publisher of The Great Game Guide commented on The Game Fair:

“It’s going to be a great event. We are going to celebrate the countryside, the launch of The Great Game Guide and enjoy being able to see each other in person and have a party. The Great Game Guide has brought so many chefs together for the good of the countryside and we can’t wait to see as many chefs as possible over those three days.”

The Great Game Guide Editor Chandos Elletson said:

“What has struck me most about putting this guide together is the strength of feeling not only amongst chefs but also those in the countryside about the game industry. So many chefs have told us how much they love game, look forward to it and enjoy serving it. We all hope that the guide can help new guests find restaurants that celebrate game during the season.”


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The Game Meat Sector is Crucial for the Economy

The UK is renowned for its local produce and environment which creates the finest ingredients: Succulent venison, irresistible pheasant, partridge, duck, goose and rabbit. Here’s the thing: Game is low in fat and high in minerals with massive health-benefits! The Chefs’ Forum would like to invite game lovers to explore and indulge in our recommendations and novices to appreciate game as a fabulous alternative to meat!

Shooting alone is worth £2.5 billion per year to the UK economy. The economic activity generated by angling in England and Wales is estimated to be worth around £2 billion. In the UK, anglers’ annual expenditure on fishing inland waters totalled approximately £100 million.

What the Specialist Game Chefs Say

“I really can’t stress enough how important it is for chefs, cooks and restaurants to utilise more of the amazing selection of game we have access to in this country. There’s such a variety to choose from and the secret to its fabulous taste is in the simplicity of its cooking. There’s something out there to suit every palate too, from fresh early season partridge and grouse, to the stronger venison and other feathered game later in the season. Game will continue to feature heavily throughout the season in all my restaurants, as it always has done. Both my chefs like to cook it and our customers can’t get enough of it!”

James Martin, Celebrity Chef

Lisa Goodwin-Allen

“Finally an objective guide, focusing on game which genuinely lists our restaurants on our professional merit and ratio of game

Galton Blackiston

“I have a shotgun licence and have been shooting for twenty years. Game forms a significant part of our menu

Cyrus Todiwala

“We are so lucky to have such a wealth of top chefs and excellent restaurants in the UK, The Great

Glynn Purnell

“I love game. The menus throughout the game season write themselves. Or do they? When cooking game, a lot of