Finally, A Natural Approach to Delivery Packaging

If you haven’t heard of Woolcool yet, you are going to because the idea is simple and brilliant. Up and down the land restaurants, caterers, retailers, and online delivery services are using polystyrene, manmade insulation, or masses of unnecessary materials in their delivery.

The ubiquitous white polystyrene box with ice packets inside has been used by almost everybody for decades. Yet, everybody is crying out for a sustainable, ecologically friendly, alternative.

Woolcool has the answer and, surprisingly, it’s not new – it’s been around for a while. But now its time has come.

Woolcool have created packaging which keeps chilled food in temperature long enough for delivery. The eco food packaging solutions are produced using 100% pure wool and have a proven track record delivering perishable goods in perfect condition. And it’s reusable, compostable and recyclable. The Woolcool range incudes insulated box sets, insulated paper pouches, fleece liners, insulated pouches, insulated envelopes, courier boxes and even ice packs.

Wool is such an amazing insulator too, that it means materials do not need to be overused to reach an acceptable level of performance, making the parcel lighter, simpler and easier to recycle at home!

Is there a cost implication? Yes, but the many benefits of using wool mean that costs can be saved in other areas, such as shipping, picking and packing, or using less ice. Not to mention, recent studies have shown that there are a growing number of online consumers who want quality products, such as game, in perfect condition but don’t want to add to the plastic mountain at the same time. As a consequence, they are prepared to pay extra.

So, if you are looking for a clever, sustainable and customer-friendly packaging solution for your delivery arm then Woolcool can become your preferred packaging partner.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients say about us:

“Woolcool plays an important role in our delivery. We use recyclable cardboard boxes which we then line with a wool fleece from Woolcool. This simple lining is highly effective in keeping our venison chilled overnight for delivery. It means that we have more space in the boxes, reduce the number of ice packs and keeps our whole delivery sustainable and eco-friendly.”
Nigel Sampson, Director, Holmed Farmed Venison

“Working with WoolCool has been a great experience. Their product is second to none, both in performance and sustainability, and they back it up with a genuine customer experience.”
Tom Barton, Director & Co-Founder of Honest Burgers

If you’d like any help with finding the perfect packaging solution for you, contact quoting The Great Game Guide.

The Great Game Guide is proudly working in partnership with Woolcool.


Finally, A Natural Approach to Delivery Packaging

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