Game Dishes of the Year

What we’ve enjoyed this year.

The Great Game Guide team got together to discuss what our highlights were for the year. We’ve eaten and discussed game from the highlands of Scotland to the south coast of England and the mountains and valleys of Wales. Here, we describe what our personal highlights have been.

Catherine Farinha said that the Scottish Game Fair was a real highlight for her when she had the opportunity to try Woodmill Game Partridge Breast with Sherry, Mascarpone and Honeyberries by Steve Wade.

“At The Scottish Game Fair Steve Wade of Woodmill Game cooked this brilliant dish of partridge. The tart berries were sweetened with Amontillado sherry to give a perfect balance with a comforting creamy sauce. It was a lovely dish to really celebrate partridge season and a new berry being grown in Scotland. Everything went so well together with this delicately flavoured game bird.”

Chandos Elletson enjoyed Grilled Venison Loin Flatbread by Doug Crampton at The Game Fair on our demo stage at Ragley Hall in the summer.

“I’m a big flat bread fan so it was no surprise that Doug Crampton’s ingenious venison flatbread was going to tick every box for me. The venison was served with elderflower yoghurt, pickled fennel, cucumber and a garden herb dressing. It was a messy and delicious way to eat game at the game fair and perfectly suited the summer weather.”

Lee Yarlett loved the opportunity to try Venison Tartare by Tommy Heaney at his restaurant in Cardiff, he said:

“I liked Tommy Heaney’s venison tartare which I tasted at Eat Game Wales. It was beautifully light and clean on the palate… having never eaten raw venison before, I was very pleasantly surprised- The meat was so deliciously fresh, that this dish really brought out the natural flavour of a foraged diet and the pickled kohlrabi and tartare dressing added tart balance and crunchy texture to the dish.”

Alexandra Duncan said that Joe Bartlett’s Pheasant Kiev with Pheasant Leg & Baked Beans was definitely her best game dish of 2021, she said:

“For me it was definitely Joe Bartlett’s fantastic pheasant Kiev at The Game Fair. He showcased how versatile game is, taking a classic chicken Kiev and taking it to another level. I would definitely try to cook this myself – or maybe just leave it to the professionals!”

Alicia Kember said that her game favourite of the year was Roast Partridge with Parsnip Purée and Cabbage Parcels by Cindy Challoner.

“When we went to film in Cardiff to support Welsh Game I tried this exceptional dish. I am not an ‘experienced game-eater’ at all but I could have eaten this dish 10 times over! The meat was so tender and moist and the buttery parsnips complimented it so well. It was a perfect autumn dish and one I’d love to try cook myself.”

As you can see,  the team were privileged to be able to sample some of the best game cookery in the business throughout the year.

All recipes are available to create yourselves on the site HERE.




Game Dishes of the Year

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