Game on at 6 O’clock Hospitality Event

Leading game butcher Tim Hanks of Hanks’ Meat & Game will highlight the benefits of game on the menu at an upcoming meeting of The Institute of Hospitality.

The event, held at Tortworth Court Hotel on the 3rd February, is a meeting of the West of England branch of the Institute where leading hoteliers and members will gather for an evening of networking, learning and reconnecting.

The evening is being headlined by Bristol-based 6 O’clock gin with Hanks supplying the meat for the canapés prepared by chef Sumit Aurora which include Hanks venison sausages, local Gloucester Old Spot bacon and Hanks signature pork pies – made by Hanks’ mother.

Hanks’ Meat & Game have recently been nominated in the national final of New Butcher of the Year and see this opportunity to showcase game to hotel and hospitality leaders as the perfect chance to get more recognition for game.

“Game is the number one ingredient of the 2020’s,” Hanks told The Great Game Guide. “Both wild boar and deer meat are wild, low fat and high-quality meat that needs to be eaten for the good of the countryside. Numbers are exploding and without a cull they will ruin large parts of the countryside that is desperately trying to rewild.

“By promoting game to the hospitality industry we can help to get more game onto more fine dining menus and that can only be a good thing.”

You can order from Hanks’ Meat & Game online for delivery to your door nationwide HERE.

Game on at 6 O’clock Hospitality Event

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