Game on the Blackboard

The weather is turning colder, the leaves are turning orange and there’s a fire glowing in the corner. It’s that time of year when the lure of the blackboard draws admiring glances from guests. And it also spells the perfect opportunity for game to make an appearance.

It’s almost as if game dishes were made for the blackboard. There are so many ways of preparing game and everyone of them is a dead cert for a blackboard. More and more casual restaurants are popping up and filling their wall spaces with daily blackboards. It’s a wonderful way of reading a menu that just makes the food more exciting and tempting than a menu which can tend to be more formal.

Game fits perfectly into this system and allows chefs to be creative knowing that diners read a blackboard in a different way. We’ve spotted four cracking examples on Instagram to whet your appetite – in fact, the other dishes sound pretty good, too! We think you’ll agree.

40 Maltby Street have a grilled venison, bacon, pumpkin and rosemary butter on the menu – CLICK HERE

Jolene in Newington Green feature tagliatelle with a venison ragu – CLICK HERE

Hern bistro in Leeds features the smallest blackboard but has a gem of a dish taking centre stage: mallard, celeriac, smoked beetroot and grilled leeks – CLICK HERE

Last but not least is the brilliant new wine bar and kitchen Cadet in Hackney. They feature wood pigeon, carrots and elder relish – CLICK HERE

That’s our next lot of dishes to try all sorted! See you there.

Game on the Blackboard

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