Glynn Purnell Cooks New Season Venison Loin

Fallow loin with carrots, cumin and pickled gooseberries.

Glynn Purnell cooked up a storm for us when we visited him at Purnell’s recently. In the video he talks about his love for game and how it enables him to be bold with pairings and use his imagination – despite, he says, crying out for red cabbage and mashed potatoes!

The Birmingham chef created a new dish for The Great Game Guide: slow cooked fallow loin pan-roasted in butter and served with pickled carrots, carrot sauce and pickled gooseberries. The carrots were flavoured with cumin and the dish was finished with finely grated honeycomb toffee which added a delicate sweetness to the dish to go with the acidity of the pickle and gooseberries. Overall it was a dish that proves that Purnell is one of the most original chefs working in Britain today.

Glynn Purnell Cooks New Season Venison Loin

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