Market-leading Butchers Block and Knives Showcased at Game Day!

The butchers block of choice, made by artisans Row & Sons and Deglon butchers’ knives from Mitchell & Cooper were the stars of the show at Lady’s Wood Shooting School in Gloucestershire this week. The special wooden butchers block and razor sharp Deglon knives in use for The Great Game Day, organised by The Great Game Guide, weathered the venison butchery demonstration by specialist game butcher Tim Hanks.

Game Butcher of the Year, Tim Hanks of Hanks’ Meat & Game, told The Great Game Guide:

“I love the blocks made by Row & Sons. They’ve been making bespoke blocks for more than 130 years and many of their staff have been with them for twenty years and more. For me to have this level of craft to work on makes my butchery stand out.

Tim was very impressed with both the block and the knives used on the day, he continued

“At Lady’s Wood I was demonstrating how to break down a whole roe carcass in primals, then butterfly the leg which we cooked on the Kamado Joe BBQ.  The other haunch was boned-out and cut into muscle joints, then rolled and steaked.  We also prepped the loin ready for Chef Ashleigh Farrand of The Kingham Plough to turn into a delicious venison Wellington.

“Knives are very important to me as the tool of my trade and the Deglon 5”Désosseur étroit rouge Surclass was the perfect tool for my demonstration. It is clearly perfectly-crafted steel, which held its edge brilliantly while working on the Row & Sons butchers block. Wooden blocks like this one are perfect for butchery as you can put a new face on them every night with a block brush, this saves any risk of bacteria.”

Zoe Fairley, Commercial Manager at Row & Sons, said: “Thanks to our partnership with The Chefs’ Forum we know our blocks are going to be used by the best people out there not just in butchery but also in top kitchens. Tim did us proud at the event at Lady’s Wood.”

Catherine Farinha, Director of The Chefs’ Forum, added: “As an event organiser and publisher it is our job to find the best products, suppliers and chefs and enable them all to work in harmony. Row & Sons typifies the work we do in this sector.” 

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Market-leading Butchers Block and Knives Showcased at Game Day!

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