Now Fur Something Completely Different!

When chef lecturer Bob Carruthers of West London College learned we could supply him with rabbit in the fur (generously provided by Lincolnshire Game) he put it straight to good use.

He took his scout group out to a camp near King’s Langley and gave them a masterclass in how to butcher rabbit and then cook it. The class, made up of 10-14 year old children, enjoyed a rabbit stew with mashed potato.

“We really got to be at one with the land,” Bob told us afterwards. “It was a bit muddy but the scouts enjoyed it and so did I! It’s really important to show young people where game comes from and to butcher whole rabbits in the fur was a furst for all of them! On a more serious note rabbit is a sustainable food source that they wouldn’t normally find on their plate and it’s important to understand where their food comes from.”

Catherine Farinha, director of The Chefs’ Forum and publisher of the Great Game Guide, said: “It’s so important get young people talking about food, provenance and traceability. Huge thanks to Lincolnshire Game for supporting as usual. When they said that they would support ALL of our colleges, they absolutely meant it and supplied in record time. We absolutely love Tristan and Simon.”

Now Fur Something Completely Different!

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