Quo Vadis Sources 6 Grouse for Friday

Normally that wouldn’t be big news but with grouse supplies extremely limited it goes to show the lengths some chefs will go to to source young August grouse.

Chef Jeremy Lee reported on Instagram that through “luck and determination” they were able to find six glorious grouse for the evening menu costing £55 per serving.

“It’s been a difficult year for them,” the restaurant said. “Frosts during the laying season band cold rain during the hatching season have meant fewer birds born and entire broods lost.

“But, we have found a moor with sustainable surplus and as such have this small haul. The birds are precious and venerable. We trust they will find happy and grateful mouths.”

Are you serving grouse yet? If so – how are you serving it and where did you manage to get hold of it! Come on now, we won’t tell!

Quo Vadis Sources 6 Grouse for Friday

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