Shoots Encouraged to Plan for the Plate

The British Game Assurance is getting behind an initiative to get shoots and estates to contact their game dealers to let them know the numbers of birds they are planning to send this coming season.

Louisa Clutterbuck, Head of Operations at The British Game Assurance, explained that the idea is that this early conversation will give game dealers an idea of how many birds each shoot is going to be sending to them so that they can set wheels in motion now to secure retail outlets.

“Please take the first step on this road today,” she said. “Plan for the Plate this week, work out to the best of your ability what you might shoot and when this coming season, decide if you will be asking a game dealer to collect it and if so start contacting processors today. It’s a small step to a new dawn for shooting and the demand for the game meat you produce.

“This coming season is going to be particularly challenging, so it is important that we are communicating all the way from egg to plate.”

Shoots Encouraged to Plan for the Plate

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