Shortage of Grouse Could Mean a New Glorious Twelfth – September!

The grouse season has started but few shots were fired on the Glorious twelfth of August due to a shortage of birds following a cold spring.

The Glorious Twelfth is the twelfth day of August, the start of the shooting season for red grouse in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Adrian Blackmore, director of shooting with the Countryside Alliance, explained the problem: “When the birds were laying in the early spring we had appalling weather, and when they were hatching, we had snow. A lot of that first brood were lost.”

However, it’s not all bad news. Adrian went on to explain that though this could be a tough year for the rural communities there is a real possibility that later broods faired better which should mean a delayed start to the season and not a total write-off.

For chefs used to serving up grouse in August that is not a welcome turn of events but for those that like to wait a bit it’s good news. One of those is Claude Bosi, he told The Great Game Guide:

“The Glorious Twelfth is a reminder for me to start thinking about the next stage of my menu.

I like to wait a couple of weeks into the season, as I find the best quality grouse is usually sourced from Yorkshire in early September. One of my signature grouse dishes is served with pommes boulangère, sweetcorn and curry.”

Are you affected by the grouse shortage? What is your favourite way of serving it? Let us know!

Shortage of Grouse Could Mean a New Glorious Twelfth – September!

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