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Building an AGHE, an Approved Game Handling Establishment, means you can process all your game and sell it directly into the food chain. In one such example we took a close look at Shardale Game in North Yorkshire to find out how partnering with Fisher UK gave them the building, the process and the flow they needed to expand and work with their own game.

Shardale Wild British Game was founded by Adam Massheder, a gamekeeper for over 20 years across Yorkshire. Based at Place Newton Estate the new facility needed to reflect the values of the business: field to fork, a passion for game, conservation and the fact that they breed and raise their own birds.

Massheder was looking for a new set of buildings because they were getting busier and busier and needed new premises to cope with demand. Going for an AGHE was the obvious choice and choosing a Fisher UK facility came down to cost-effective design combined with the estimated timescale from initial design through to completion – which was far quicker than any other solution. And the all important fact that the modular construction meant that all the work on the framework of the units was done in the factory and then delivered and craned into position. All that was left to do was finish the flooring, connect the electrics and drainage and fill it full of equipment.

The story started back in 2018 when Shardale secured a grant to help build a new FSA approved game-handling facility that would ensure they could market the produce from Place Newton and other local estates.

Fisher UK consulted with both Adam and Place Newton Estate owner Michael Wood, from initial concept to completion of the complex design process ensuring all necessary FSA regulations & industry guidelines were complied with.

The whole facility created a layout for Shardale that allows for an efficient flow of product and personnel – it is made up of an intake lobby, main chiller, pluck & evisceration room, processing & packing area, holding freezer & storage & dispatch chiller. Personnel enter through a separate area with changing room, hygiene area and office.

Fisher UK Director, Jon Fisher, said:

“We are proud to have been involved in this project, especially from the very outset of the concept. We brought the ideas of Adam & Michael together to create their new processing facility. In this case having a completely blank canvas to work from allowed us to ensure the internal layout not only suited the requirements of Shardale Game but also met FSA regulations, prior to inspection. “

The 12.0mtr x 10.2mtr AGHE is comprised of 3 individual modules, which came together on site to create a single facility. Each module was built off-site in a factory environment which meant no disruption during the construction phase.

All the components that made up the facility were fitted in each module such as walls and ceilings, doors, electrics, plumbing and refrigeration.

When finished the modules were delivered to site on articulated lorries before the installation team reconnected & weatherproofed the modules over a 24-hour period. At this point the flooring was finished using a PU resin to complete the project.

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The 4 Letters That Demonstrate You Take Your Game Seriously – AGHE

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