Transporting Your Gun Dogs Safely and Securely from A to B is Easier than Ever

With the shooting season closed again until August, it’s time to think about next season and we’ve been looking into the problem of transporting dogs safely and securely.

Getting your dogs into and out of the car is just the start of the journey. What you don’t want is dogs climbing everywhere and making a mess after a day out on a shoot or a good long muddy walk.

TransK9 have designed a range of cages for the most popular vehicles including Land Rover, Mercedes, VW and BMW and many more.

The TransK9 cages come with a clever heavy duty rubber mat to protect paintwork from sharp claws, folding back up on the cage when moving and adding an extra layer of fluff-stopping protection when the dogs are in transit.

Accessories include non-slip feeding bowls and comfy hard-waring soft mats for extra comfort.

We think we’ve found the perfect solution and that’s a bespoke dog cage that can be custom built to fit any car. Our publisher Catherine Farinha recently fitted a dog transit cage by TransK9 into her Audi Q7 – and she couldn’t be happier.

“I did a lot of research,” Catherine told The Great Game Guide. “And I discovered that TransK9 had a cage that fitted exactly in the back of my Q7. I was fed up of just lumping the dogs in the back of a van and now they are well-looked after, safe and protected by an anti-microbial coating called SteriTouch® which kills 99.99% of bacteria such as Salmonella, MRSA and E. Coli.

“Plus, the cage was very easy to install. As soon as we installed it ourselves, I thought how useful it would be for guns and or beaters and pickers up who are transporting their dogs to shoots. It’s such a neat product and it looks very professional in my car.”

Sharon Marshall, Director of TransK9 added

“We sell our canine transit products to many celebrity chefs, dog owners and countryside enthusiasts. We started the company in 2003, post the foot and mouth epidemic, as we were looking to pivot from running our boarding kennels and rescue centre which was no longer viable with restricted access to the farm.  Working with dogs and transporting dogs was our livelihood and this just seemed a natural progression for my husband Robert and I.  We’re delighted to hear that Catherine loves the cage so much and is very happy with her installation.”

For more information on TransK9 visit their website:

Transporting Your Gun Dogs Safely and Securely from A to B is Easier than Ever

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